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Cell protects all materials made of wood, paper or cardboard and products made from these materials.
The mixture applied to the Cell ensures that materials remain soft and pleasant to the touch, prevents the formation of salt deposits and other staining materials moisturizing. Cell is certified according to ÖNORM A3800, B1, Q1, Tr1.

What materials do I protect a Cell ?
Cell protects all absorbent material made from cellulose , such as paper, wood, cardboard , cotton, jute , linen and decorative things made from these materials.

How best to use the Cell ?
Cell is a colorless liquid with 33 % water, by simply sprayed on the workpiece.

Special pump with a pressure sprayer is ideal for this purpose. Soaking or brushing can be used in some cases . Usually there is enough material evenly dip of the solution until it is evenly piesūscies but before it starts to drip . Then the material is left to make it fully dries .

Cell How much do you need?
Natural materials : 1 liter of 5-15 m . The exact amount may vary depending on matreial absorptive properties . Testing is recommended to determine the efficacy of the treatment . Repeat the spraying process where it is necessary , when the material is hardened .

Pack sizes : 1kg bottle , canister 5kg , 10kg canister , canister 25kg , 60kg barrel

- Particularly effective on wood , paper , cardboard , jute , linen, cotton and products made from these materials

- Certified in accordance with ÖNORM A3800 , B1, Q1 , Tr1 , DIN 4102 B1

- Concentration: 33 % (+ -1% )

- Odorless

- colorless

- Halogen-free

- Environmentally safe , harmless

- Dermatologist tested

- Non- toxic

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